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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Where's the CPC Campaign?

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Google '"official campaign" "conservative party of canada"' and you know what turns up? A Liberal blog. Plain pathetic from the CPC. And the closest thing on Google's listings is a Conservative blog.
On the one hand, there's a certain democratization of the political process to be seen here, when blogs are becoming mainstream and more people have a voice. On the other hand, one could argue that it's becoming a tower of babel with all
the blogs, and that hardly any of them are really getting heard. I don't think it's asking too much for official sites to pop up first though?

I finally found the CPC's website at
They have there some interesting material, though the statement of policy issues is the barest of ideas. They ought to have links from the platform pages to the concrete manifestations of their pledges. It's not enough to say they're going to crack down on crime (because the other parties -with the possible exception of the Liberals- aren't?), the CPC has to say how it's going to do that.

-I like this stuff about supporting the trades by subsidizing tools and apprenticeships. That seems like a good idea. When a power drill costs 180$ though, you wonder what tools they expect people in the trades to buy on 500$?...
-This business about cutting wait times is also good to hear, and I'm suprised also that Harper is explicitly coming out against private health care ("Reforms have been taking place — especially in alternative, private delivery of publicly insured services — despite the denials of the Liberal government.*).
-The 'family' platform link has nothing about the gay marriage issue. I hope that it won't show up there, and that this issue will be left where it is. So long as you aren't forcing any religious denomination to perform gay marriages, I see no problem in recognizing its existence.
-Allan Cutler's video is pretty impressive. Good candidate, it looks like.

*Stephen Harper pledges patient wait times guarantee

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