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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Democrats Lead; Moderates Worry

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I read over at the Moderate Voice that the Democrats are leading in polls in the 2006 Congressional race. I felt very strongly about it, so here's a repost of my comments from that site. I edited them a bit for coherence and grammar.
It seems like it might be helpful to balance things out a bit. However, I'm concerned the Dems would bow to far left pressures and pull out of Iraq before getting the country back on its' feet. I see the far left as winning either way if that happens, and as we all know, extremists coming out on top is never a good thing.
I mean that if Iraq falls apart because the soldiers leave, then the Islamists the far left adores (those fantastic 'militants' of al-qaeda, hizballah, hamas and co.) will be in a strong position to take it over. This in itself would be enough to rejoice over for the left, but they would also blame it all on Bush and the right, for entering Iraq in the first place, and could potentially score a victory domestically too. Furthermore, if America pulls out, the impractical 'pacifists' will claim moral victory, and say their pressures won out. Pacifiers, as they should be called (for their attempts at appeasement of Islamists), shouldn't see their efforts rewarded.
In short, my concern with the Dems retaking Congress, is a hasty and catastrophic withdrawal from Iraq that abandons the country to the Islamists, and score a victory for the far left. Oh, did I mention Israel would be in even greater danger?
On a related note, Ann Coulter discussed the Middle East at CPAC, showing extremism and stupidity is not limited to the far left.


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