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Friday, April 21, 2006

Father Richard John Neuhaus or America's Catholic Terrorist Ideologue

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The New Republic (TNR), probably the most insightful, critical, and intelligent politics and current affairs magazine in the US (which gives it an incredibly high standing with members of Congress, incidentally), recently had a devastating cover piece exposing Father Richard John Neuhaus, written by a former editor at Neuhaus' magazine, no less. Neuhaus, a former Lutheran pastor, converted to Catholicism so that he could 'obey a higher authority' (and for a sense of belonging, if you read between the lines of the TNR article) and essentially for others to do his thinking for him. Neuhaus, or Father Richard as President Bush calls him, actively opposes critical thinking, and suggests eveeryone should be taking their direction unquestioningly from the Church. But Neuhaus doesn't merely advocate letting your brain dry out and rattle in your skull as others tell you what to do and think. No, he's far more sinister than that.

As TNR reports, Father Neuhaus, as far back a his earliest publications in the 60s and 70s, said pious Catholics would be justified in carrying out a violent uprising against today's society. Why? Well, says the terrorist Catholic ideologue, Catholicism is under attack from our amoral, satanic, lewd society, and a Catholic fomented civil war is key (though thankfully not the only way, he advocates, to be fair) to reclaim morality. In addition, non-Catholics, including even other Christians are second-class citizens, as they lack the 'true' moral compass. Atheists and agnostics are particularly targeted. If this doesn't sound familiar and you have an interest in Islamic terrorism, it should.

Consider Stewart Bell's groundbreaking book, The Martyr's Oath, about how a Canadian-Kuwaiti kid got recruited into al-Qaeeda. One of the key revelations of the book - which I highly recommend everyone reads, and a review of which I hope to write soon - is al-Qaeda's recruiting strategy: brainwash young Muslims into believing that Islam is under attack (hence the references to the Crusaders), and that only violent resistance will protect the Mohammedan faith (if only Osama and Neuhaus could meet in a boxing ring and violently resist for as long as one could still stand up).

Father Richard
John Neuhaus is a huge threat to America, and to any country where his terrorist rantings are heard. As I've written repeatedly, freedom of speech is not unlimited, Neuhaus is a prime example of abusive free speech. Not only should he be kicked out of the White House's halls of power, but out of his publication, and from any tribune where he could possible reach the mainstream. Religious and political activism is one thing; advocating for brainwashing and terrorism is quite another.

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