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Thursday, December 29, 2005

CBC Features Weak Mid-East Coverage - Again!

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Our publicly funded TV covers the Middle East in a terribly biased manner. The CBC's consistently weak editing has let yet another bit of editorializing distort their coverage of the news. I subscribe to a newsletter, Honest Reporting Canada (which I recommend to anyone who's sick of the CBC's weak "reporting"), that has demonstrated the network's repeated anti-Israel slant.
I'd like to take the opportunity to digress for a moment and emphasize my wording: their slant is anti-Israel, not pro-Palestinian. One can be pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel (though many people who claim this position are in fact biased ... kind of like people claiming to be centrists ;) ).
Getting back though, the network's latest fault has been in their holiday reporting of the goings-on in Bethlehem. They describe Israel's security fence, aimed at preventing terrorist infiltration, sniping, and other terrorist attacks, as aimed at keeping the tourists out, and focus on graffiti calling it an apartheid wall. Perhaps next time Workman is in Jenin, wearing a bulletproof vest, we might call it "the apartheid vest."
The full article is here.
Previous instances of CBC problems were with their "documentary" on checkpoints, which they belatedly fixed (which still isn't great: how many people bother reading corrections, or even see them?) , trying to suppress the use of the words "terrorist" and "terror" to describe Hamas, Islamic Jihad and co., when these are organizations internationally recognized as terrorist groups, including Canada's own list of such groups.


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