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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Mount-Royal Riding Update

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The Conservative candidate has agreed to participate in the debate. He was mentioned in a Suburban article last week, which mentioned that the McGill-educated lawyer will be competing against his former professor, Mr. Irwin Cotler, for the Mount-Royal seat.

Neil Drabkin
Phone: (514) 754-7160

My initial email to the Bloc went unanswered. I've gotten the candidate's own email (you'd think they'd have posted all his contact information on his page...), phone number (which is alternately not answering or out of service?) and his address (in NDG?). I'll keep you posted on developments.
The Dipper candidate has had an article written about him in the Mount Royal Weekly. In addition, his exams are done, so he's campaigning full time, and his signs are up, after an initial difficulty with technical printing issues.


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