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Friday, December 16, 2005

Comment on Anti-Americanism

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I see this all the time, both in the media, at school, and in everyday life, and it's simply pathetic. Everyday Canadians feel it's the cool thing to do to bash Americans. All you ever hear about are these fat, arrogant imperialists south of the border that are destroying the environment.
I grant you that there are Americans like that. And obesity is a problem (see my post on Obesity and Portion Sizes). However, there are many more Americans who are kind, friendly, humble people who want to help others.
Here are a few statistics that prove my point, courtesy of NCCS. As it so happens, the US donates more to charity than we do. It doesn't matter that their GNP or GDP or whatever is bigger. They give the most.
Furthermore, Canadians are just as obese, if not more, than their counterparts below the 49th parallel.
"In Canada, more than 6 million people between 20 to 64 years old are overweight and another 2.8 million are obese. Together they represent 47% of the Canadian adult population."
Oh, and pollution? Let me tell you a little anecdote, one that the newspapers are just beginning to catch up on (read Tommy Schnurmacher of The Suburban's analysis of Kyoto. I disagree that Kyoto's useless, but some interesting info on who the big polluters are (hint: those terrible, arrogant Americans think these polluters live in igloos, and these igloo-dwellers' politicians are campaiging)). My brother lives out in Calgary. Until just a few months ago, he was working in an energy firm buying "pollution credits" from other countries so that we could continue polluting. Respecting Kyoto? The right to criticize the Americans on the environment? Makes me think of the maxim "practice what you preach"...

How's about some Canadians highlighting that the US is one of the few countries that has the courage to stand up for Israel at the UN, when everyone decides to let terrorists off the hook and blame Israel for everything? A moral courage, I would point out, that Canada is just beginning to emulate.
How about Canadians being humble enough to remember that it was at least in part due to our lackadaisical security guards, staff and law enforcement that terrorists hit the US?* I know that the next time I hear a fellow canuck bawling about the US war on terror I'll tell him to go petition Harper and Martin to pledge monies to our intelligence agencies.
If I had the time (it's half past midnight here), I'd go on, but you get the point.
"Americans? My role model said they’re evil, so they obviously must be [evil].
-Yeah, and did you know the world is flat? Really, it is. I'm telling you.

* Pursuant to Pogge's accuracy comment, I retract the part saying the Ts came through Canada. I stand by what I said about our intelligence/security services being weak. Thanks, P.


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