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Monday, December 12, 2005

Update on Candidates' Debate

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Here's an update on the debate being organized down here in Mount Royal.
The Green Party's candidate for the riding, Damien Pichereau, has agreed to participate in the debate. His posters "are coming soon," he noted, adding that he's not officially registered yet. In an email dated from this past Sunday, he said that he should be registered by 3:30 today.
The New Democratic Party's candidate for the riding, Nicolas Thibodeau (who speaks non-accented English, whatever the French-Canadian last name might make one think) "would be pleased" to participate in the candidates' debate. At the same time, the UQAM student (University de Quebec a Montreal - University of Quebec in Montreal) has begun his own blog, over at
Contact Information for these two candidates is as follows (the other candidates info will be posted as they agree to participate):

-Damien Pichereau-
Candidat du Parti Vert dans Mont-Royal
Green Party candidate in Mount-Royal

-Nicolas R. Thibodeau-
Candidat du NPD dans Mont-Royal
NDP candidate in Mount Royal
Tél./Tel. : (514) 590-0036 ou 1-800-843-8598
Fax: (514) 590-0555
10 Ave Wicksteed


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