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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Announcing Tongue In Cheek

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A while ago I wrote a bunch of smart-ass quips and such (all copyrighted, and all rights reserved). From now until the end of the election campaign, I'm going to post one of those quips, or something similar. I'd also like to have these made into stickers to sell for charity, so if any of you are good at graphic design and/or drawing, let me know.
The first Tongue In Cheek is:
Join the chaos club organization today!

Update: this series has since been retitled Quip of the Day. It might also be found in the archives as "QOTD" (the acronym for quip of the day) or "Quote it!" which is a homonym for "QOTD" that lets you know I'd be happy for you to reference these.



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