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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Mount Royal Riding Uncontested ??!

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I live in the riding of Mount Royal (Pierre Elliott Trudeau's former riding). After a ridiculous municipal election which saw my city plastered with signs, it now appears that no one is contesting Justice Minister Irwin Cotler's seat. I haven't seen any posters, nor has there been much in the papers, save for Harper dropping by yesterday (I can't recall if he was accompanied by his candidates or not).
Where are the NDP, Greens, Bloc, and Conservatives? I know a year and change ago the Conservative candidate came a distant second (maybe because he only got a handful of signs up, and a mere few days before the election at that), but this is just plain sad. Sure Cotler's a great guy, but just giving him the riding? Are the other parties saying their candidates don't seriously want this seat? Similarly, I've seen hardly any signs in Snowdon or downtown, save again for the Liberals' Lucienne Robillard, and the people running in a provincial by-election for Outremont (which includes Snowdon as part of the riding).
This is total nonsense, and if things stay this way, I'm going to look at entering the contest as an independant, merely to offer voting citizens a choice.


The Bloc, NDP, and Conservatives each have a candidate in the riding. The dipper doesn't have his pic on the NDP's site, while the Bloquiste is some kid from the field of programming in CEGEP St-Laurent (they reaaaaally don't care about this riding ... don't see how Duceppe's going to get rid of the Liberals in Quebec with this sort of candidate campaigning for them). The CPC guy has a reasonably decent background, and can claim to have at least run as a Conservative in every election since 93. But then, that just means this dude's a big loser.

So much for the competition.

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