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Friday, December 09, 2005

CBC Rates Centrerion

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Here's where I stand in Canadian federal politics, according to the CBC.
Social Authoritarian 9.1% Economical Authoritarian 47.7%
Not too sure what these authoritarian references mean, but on the marketing diagram (I learnt about these in marketing but forget what they're called - they place you on a map based on your perceptions), they have me as a democrat somewhere in between the Bloc, the Liberals, and the NDP.
I'm surprised I didn't come out further up, frankly. My conclusion is that each subject weighs equally in their computations, which isn't exactly realistic. I've considered voting for each of these parties, but the truth is I'm much likelier to vote Conservative or Liberal, and have discounted voting for the Bloc because I can't support sovereignty. As for me being close to a totalitarian ... yeah, uhuh ... sure (rolls eyes and sighs at the CBC's incompetence).

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