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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Musings/Thoughts on Jack Layton, partisanship

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I have to say that normally, the NDP and co. are too far left for me.
However, I observed Layton a couple of times in Parliament, and the man is serious. In question period, while everyone else was being a goof, he was raising valid points (it looked like Goodale was also doing a decent job during question period, incidentally), and doing work for Canadians.
Regardless of his views, I'm happy he was making an effort to serve Canadians, instead of getting bogged down in petty name-calling and stupidities (like the Conservative whip was doing, calling Martin a drunken sailor in regards to Martin's shipping lines...). Layton has my respect, though I don't agree with him on many things.
Politicians: you're put in office to serve Canadians, not your parties.

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