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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Liberals on Health

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I went over to, and took a look. They too are promising shorter waiting times, and more doctors. Good.
However, the following is mere talk:
"Since the signing of the 10-year plan, the Liberal government has announced additional investments to reduce wait times, improve the health of Aboriginal peoples, integrate internationally educated doctors and nurses into the health care system, and improve data collection and reporting on health system performance."
The Aborigines in Kascheshewan can attest to the lack of proper health care, and I would be so bold as to say that my understanding of the issue (though admittedly I have not researched it thoroughly) is that the Aborigines are in poor health, across Canada.
Also pathetic is the effort made at integrating doctors. First of all, doctors are unionized provincially, so it isn't really federal jurisdiction who gets into the union. I know this firsthand because several people I know have to work in grey areas because they can't be recognized as M.D.s, without going back to CEGEP and all sorts of ridiculous requirements. These are people training new medical staff, yet can't be recognized themselves. That needs to be addressed in this campaign, and once the pols return to Parliament.
I didn't notice anything at the Conservative website about this, so they get a failing grade on this subject, too.

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