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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Libs calling Cons right-wing crackpots ... Election Update

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"Les conservateurs sont ce qu'il y a de plus a droite." (Translation: The Conservatives are on the extreme right." - Liberal Deputy for Honore Mercier, in a recent La Presse Op-Ed.
This was published the day after I wrote my previous post, Focus on The Family and the Conservatives' Cowardice. uhhh.. toldjaso?

In other news, Layton was against Clarity Law, and now he's for. Lysiane Gagnon commented that it was easy to be tolerant when sovereignist threat appeared distant, last year, but now that it looks stronger, he needs to bash em. I won't guess what motivated him, but learning this tarnished what I think of the guy. The simple facts, bare of any inference and such, show that:
a) He's wishy-washy
b) He was against the Clarity Law? How can you have a problem with insisting a referendum question is clearly worded? Odd... especially in light of this next item:

Pierre Foglia, a popular and controversial columnist at La Presse, wrote today about findings showing as many as 9 million Canadians are illiterate, or have a bare-bones level of literacy. In Quebec, it's even worse, he notes, with a higher percentage of illiterates. There were four levels, four being the best, and three being acceptable ... 12% of people with a university diploma couldn't reach category 3. Sadly, the media have hardly covered this.
I'd like to personally note that when Universities came to my CEGEP, the lowest entrance requirements were for people looking to study education. N'importe qui peut faire 'la pedagogie transversale' as Foglia mockingly remarks about Quebec's terrible education reform, which emphasizes 'transversal competencies'.
In the same issue of La Presse, it was reported that young Quebeckers are amongst the most likely to vote.
So people who can't read the papers or understand the parties' platforms are going to be voting, and where people are less likely to understand, they're more likely to vote... sigh.

Which brings me back to my first point: Canadians need a credible federalist alternative to the Libs. The NDP can't win power, so the responsibility is on the Tories ... and if they allow themselves to be painted as nutjobs - something you can understand/learn from the Grits (LPC) even if you can't read and understand 500 words - Canadians will be even worse off than they currently are.

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