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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Focus on The Family and the Conservatives' Cowardice

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I saw in the papers (La Presse) that the CPC out in BC are working with Focus on the Family. The Liberals are going to have a ball pointing to that to paint the CPC as extremists, and Ontario and Quebec are going to buy it. For a shot at a handful more seats in the West, the CPC are going to condemn their campaign to achieving the status of a numerically strengthened OPPOSITION, instead of having a chance at becoming the governing party.
Know who's going to bite the bullet for this short-sighted campaigning?
Yup, us Canucks.
The issue at stake here isn't whether or not Harper gets the keys to 24 Sussex. The issue is that Canadians have a viable alternative to the Liberals. When the Conservatives ally themselves with a group that is perceived as being as far right as Focus on the Family is considered; when they campaign on a free vote on gay marriage (though in some weird twist of logic, should gay marriage be repealed, the Cons would maintain those that have already been consecrated); Canadians see a bunch of spooky evangelists out to convince them that their eternal souls are gonna burn for having pre-marital sex. 'Nucks see people out of touch with their (majority) view.
The NDP, the Bloc, and especially the Liberals see an opportunity more golden than becoming Bill Gates' adopted son. "You know those mean old baddies from Out West," will say the Ls. "They're gonna do real nasty stuff ... just look, they worked with the Bloc. They're working to repeal gay marriage. Next thing you know, they'll make abortion illegal [again? - my question]."
The NDP: "Yeah they're gonna crack down on criminality. That means they're gonna throw gays into prison, next to immigrants and unionists."
Most scarily of all to most Canadians, is what the Bloc might say...
Duceppe: "They're great guys! Really! I've worked with Stephen plenty of times; take my word for it."

Like it or not, and regardless of whether its an ethical tactic, the other parties will taint the right as nutcracks representing regional [read minority, non-Ontario/Quebec] interests. It's a canadian alliance of questionable value. Who do federalists in the center vote for, if both the Liberals (by means of the sponsorship scandal), and the Conservatives (by means of allying themselves with F on the F, and the Bloc earlier) can't be trusted? The Conservatives, even if it doesn't guarantee them a majority in Ottawa, "doivent tenter le tout pour le tout", as they say in French ... they must give it their best shot. Marginalizing themselves with Focus on the Family is a cowardly move aimed at gaining more seats while remaing comfortably responsibility-free in the opposition.
The inhabitants of MacDonald, Laurier, and Trudeau's country are centrists. Canadians need an alternative to the Liberals, and teaming up with Focus on the Family prevents the Conservatives becoming that alternative.

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