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Monday, December 12, 2005

Centrerion Looking to Organize Candidates Debate in Mount Royal

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Given the candidates are having trouble letting us know who they are and what ideas they stand for, yours truly has decided to help them (and obviously residents of the riding of Mount Royal) out. The Green Party's candidate, as well as aides in each campaign, have so far expressed interest in the idea. I'm going to try and organize a candidate's debate here in my riding. Read on for more information, or to lend a hand , email me.
Here's the outline of the idea. None of it's set in stone.
-A list of topics will be selected, partly in conjunction with the candidates.
-A hall/auditorium with mics, a sound system, and hopefully video cameras, will be set up to host the event.
-After introductions ("instead of telling us about yourself, tell us a story that illustrates your character, and something important to voters...') moderator will broach each subject, and ensure that all candidates have an equal amount of time to speak.
For example, moderator asks: What is your personal position on subject X? Does the status quo need to be changed, and if so, how? Candidate A will begin, has 4-5 minutes. Candidate B goes for it. Then once they've all gone, A responds, B responds, etc. Next subject candidate B starts...
-The moderator, obviously, is a neutral, unaffiliated party.
-After x time of this roundtable questioning, part 2 starts. This would consist of open time to criticize problems each candidate perceives in the others' platforms. Candidates can answer each other and cut one another off.
-Finally, part 3 would consist of open questions addressed to all candidates by members of the audience. These questions would be written down and submitted during parts 1 and 2, and the most pertinent ones in the moderator's judgement would be read.
-The footage from the debate would be uploaded here, along with a transscript, and links to any newspaper articles on the debate. Of course, I would post my own analysis of the event here too.
-Each candidate would contribute part of the money required to rent the hall and audio-visual equipment.
-The debate would be bilingual, though candidates would be advised that most of the riding's residents speak English as a first language.
-A translator or two might be needed.
-Besides staying within one's alotted time, the other rules that would be necessary would be not to interrupt, (during parts 1 and 3), and no personal attacks. The moderator would enforce these rules, and reduce violators' speaking time accordingly.


At 7:45 p.m., Canadian Politico Blogger Nicolas R. Thibodeau said:

Count the NDP in!
Nicolas R. Thibodeau

At 7:46 p.m., Canadian Politico Blogger Nicolas R. Thibodeau said:

You can count NDP in!
Nicolas R. Thibodeau


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