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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Popdex and other directories

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As part of Centrerion's promotional efforts, we're linking to Popdex. It's an index of what's popular in the blogosphere. Interesting site, worth a peek. If the link there doesn't work, try this one:
I've also signed up for a number of other directories. I can't remember them all at the moment, but if you find a directory where centrerion isn't listed, please post it, and use the description in the upper right hand side, or else something along these lines:
title: Centrerion
description: Canadian centrist politics. Site features analysis, commentary, and smart-ass quips on federal politics, all from a centrist point of view. It also offers a weekly newsletter with the best of thes site's content for the week, for those who can't check the site on a daily basis.
keywords: canadian centrist analysis commentary humour federal politics non-partisan unaffiliated quips
Thanks to anyone who works to get us more links and postings in directories.


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