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Monday, January 23, 2006

Centrist Readers Are In Education and Government

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Centrerion's readers come primarily from the realms of education and government. Your co-readers live mainly on the eastern seaboard of North America (Quebec, the Maritimes and the northeastern US), Alberta, BC, and California. Been checking up on our readership. I'm proud to publish this partial list of our readesrhip. Those of you who read this blog are in good company. In addition, I'd like to ask you to leave a comment on what you read, what search engine keywords we might optimize the website for.
Anyways, here's a list of people whose company you might feel proud to be in.

  1. Oxford University
  2. Dalhousie U
  3. Ryerson University
  4. U of Montreal
  5. U of Toronto
  6. U of Lethbridge
  7. U of Alberta
  8. U of Washington
  9. U of Delaware
  10. U of Wisconsin Madison
  11. Erskine College
  12. National Film Board
  13. Oklahoma State House of Representatives
  14. State of New Hampshire
  15. Grand Canyon University Inc.
  16. City of Calgary
  17. City of North York
  18. US Naval Ocean Systems Center
  19. Industry Canada
  20. Public Service Commission of Canada
  21. Spotsylvania County School Board
Amongst other places, I've found a few of our British Columbian readership live in places with the most interesting names. Notably, some of you're from Whittier, whose founders I imagine a strong intellect and great sense of humility, and from Agassiz, and Tsawwassen.
Welcome also to the people from Berkeley, and Stamford, and to those of you from Salinas, California, which I believe I've read about in novels.


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