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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Harper's Policies Need Tinkering

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Harper has some good intentions, but poor execution. If I could write his policy for him, here's what I'd fix.

GST Tax Cut

The idea's good, but he should keep the Liberals' increase of the minimum salary Canadians can earn and still be exempt of income tax. In fact, I'd like to see the exemption bar raised to $20,000.

Trades Tax Cut

I'd subsidize trade schools. 500$ for tools isn't going to buy anyone much, and $1000 to help with an apprenticeship is also measly. Best give them a good education that also focuses on teaching tradespeople good business practices, since so many are self-employed.

Defence Spending

Harper's got it right when he says the Libs destroyed our military with cuts. On the other hand, it was getting to be an antiquated military, so it isn't the biggest loss. To prevent our security going to hell though, we need to invest in the military and our intelligence servicees, and focus the energies, dollars and time on counter-terrorism initiatives. That means training more elite units, more spies, more linguists, etc. An important part of the defence spending needs to go to our spies.

Crime and Guns

Harper may not care to acknowledge it, but getting rid of the remaining legal handguns in this country is a good idea. A) because criminals can steal the weapons, and B) because accidental shootings happen. no legal guns = no accidents with law abiding citizens. Anyways, who cares if criminals accidentally shoot themselves?
Also, like Jacko said, dealing with the causes of crime is important, and quite often that starts with difficult home situations and such. There are lots of community organizations that deal with this, and I'd suggest part of the investment goes to them, because they're chronically underfunded.


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