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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Moderate Analysis, Canadian Policy Wiki, Pont-Viau

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Moderate analysis, the Canadian Policy Wiki, and Pont-Viau all have something in common. Know what? I'm targeting each of them. Let me explain.
Moderate analysis is what I, Blue Grit, and Andrew try and write here. If we want more people to read it though, we figure Google can help us out. That said, we're working on optimizing the site to be #1 on Google for a few phrases, "moderate analysis" and "Canadian Policy Wiki" amongst them. As of right now, we're tops for "Centrist Commentary" which is a nice start.
But ultimately, Centrerion exists for its readers. That said, I've been reading every bit of statistical information I can get from Site Meter, to see where you guys and gals are from. I noticed there's a faithful reader (readership?) in Pont-Viau, amongst a few other places. That said, besides search engine optimization, myself and the gang are going to try and offer content that's of particular interest to you. That said, please comment and let us know what you'd like to read about, or what you do enjoy reading about here. In particular, I noticed our statistics were through the roof last Sunday, and if you guys can tell me what post(s) in particular held your attention, and why, it'd be great.


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