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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Retraction; Candidates Debate in Today's Suburban, Debate Back On.

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I made a mistake, and I need to retract two things I wrote.

Firstly, The Suburban today published a small piece about the debate I'm trying to organize, between candidates for the riding of Mount-Royal. So the first thing I'd like to retract (more like explain, really) is that though at the time of publishing last night, there had as yet been nothing in the Suburban regarding the debate I'd like to organize, there has now been published an article.
Secondly, I've already received a few emails from people interested in helping out, so there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. That said, I do think the debate can happen, though it will mean holding it later and working even harder to do so (I'd initially hoped to hold it on January 7th...).

Everyone's waiting on you, Mr. Cotler.

Here's what the Suburban wrote:

Mt Royal needs debate: activist
The Mount Royal riding election race needs a candidate's [sic] debate, despite Justice Minister Irwin Cotler's personal popularity in the riding, says [my name removed here]. [Name ...] has been a student activist at Dawson [CEGEP], runs a political blog with centrist leanings ( and has an interest in entering politics and studying law.
[...] admits that voters consider Cotler's credentials to be "unimpeachable."
"But just granting him a seat contributes to a culture of voter apathy and disinterest, and a culture of entitlement amongst senior MPs."

So yes, a small filler piece, but it's there nonetheless. My thanks to Jim Duff, The Suburban's editor-in-chief, to Joel Goldenberg, who wrote the article (it's uncredited, but he asked me the questions, and said he was asked by Mr. Duff to write the piece), and of course to Sari Medicoff who forwarded the proposal in the first place to Duff.


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