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Monday, January 09, 2006

Jay Currie on the CPC's Media Strategy

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Fellow non-partisan Jay Currie has written an interesting post about Tory Monte Solberg's saying the Conservatives will only release their entire platform gradually.
I appreciate Currie's suggestion that the CPC should just go and get on with their platform. It appears not that many people have picked up on it, and it’s always a pleasure to read some fresh news.
My guess is that the CPC is having success grabbing headlines nationwide each time they unveil a new plank, and so the intention is to keep up that momentum by keeping mum on what’s yet to come. After all, the newspapers won’t discuss things that aren’t news. This sort of method of disclosure means that they won’t just dominate the news for a day, and then be off the front pages.
Personally though, I agree that this can be annoying. I wanted to read their platform earlier in the election, but they only had these vague, general points listed on their homepage. It turns out that as their planks are released, the points are updated on the website.
Perhaps they might develop the information on their website a bit more, without stating exactly what they intend to do. Alternately, they might just leave out the juiciest points that grab headlines, and disclose the mundane things.


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