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Monday, January 09, 2006

Centrerion 2.0: Canadian Policy Wiki, Centrism, And More Centrist Commentary Moderate Analysis

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I've been working on blog promotion a bit recently, and it's occurred to me that I need a more accurate description of what Centrerion's about. Though of course the centrist politics will stay the same, there's going to be more of an effort to look at Canadian centrism and centrist policies from a more general and interactive perspective.

You and I, and him over there. Until now, it's been me posting most of what's on Centrerion. With Andrew's Canadian Policy Wiki, I believe this blog should focus more on representing the Canadian center by discussing the best initiatives developed at the wiki. Another way I want to do that is by getting more centrists and moderates involved writing for Centrerion. If you are a moderate who'd like to write for Centrerion, or know some who might, please refer them here, or write me an email, at


Another idea I'm looking at is an offline campaign to increase the readership of this blog. I'm considering flyers and stickers in bus stops and metro stations. That's because it's relatively cheap, is viewed by a lot of people, and isn't excessively difficult. If you'd care to help out, you can make stickers or flyers with the following design, or others of your own choosing, with a preference for things quoting Centrerion posts.
Obviously, I'd be happy to acknowledge whoever can help out with this. Similarly, if you can submit us to search engines, blog and website directories, and any other good places you know about to generate traffic and links, your help would be appreciated and recognized.


This is being done gradually, as I have time for it.

The point of representing the Canadian center is to be influential, and promote centrist and moderate views. Promoting this blog means promoting those views, which is the primary goal of all this. A secondary, but still important goal, would be to generate more traffic, in order to be able to take this blog to a proper website of its own, rather than leach webspace from blogger, and to subsidize the costs of promoting this site offline.


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