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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Reality Check From Sir John A Macdonald

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I'm looking to enter law school, and as part of my research for my personal statement, I came across some interesting stories from our history, particularly in the 1800s. It appears the CPC and LPC have forgotten their history...
Paul Martin's been running around saying just what a great defender of Canada he is. No one but he, Mr. Martin, will keep Canada together. It's funny, because I seem to remember a certain Father of Confederation, this funny ol' dead guy name of Macdonald... He was a Tory. A Tory was one of the prime movers in getting this country united to begin with.
Stephen Harper's been running around saying that the Liberals are scandal-ridden and the party is good as finished. They may as well pack their things and find new jobs, because only the Tories are honest people. 'S funny, I read about this scandal that got good ol JohnA the boot. Something about awarding the Canadian Pacific Rail contract to his buddy, Sir Hugh Allan.
Sir John A Macdonald made a great contribution to this country when he was alive, despite the CPR scandal, and it seems he's still contributing to our national political life. Enough dumb politicking and let's get on with the business of debating who's got the best policy proposals.


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