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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Iran Offers Hamas Aid. Also: Hamas DOES Recognize Israel

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The BBC reports that Iran has offered official aid to Hamas. That means, of course, that Hamas won't have to hide its ties to Iran anymore. It doesn't mean that Palestinians will have more money.
On a related note, I'd like to correct some misconcenptions about Hamas.
a) Hamas DOES recognize Israel. The problem is not that Hamas doesn't recognize Israel, it's that Hamas doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist (where it is; with this aid, it's likely Hamas will suggest moving Israel to Europe or Alaska like Iranian President Mohammed Ahmadinejad did). If Hamas didn't recognize Israel, it would mean that a) they were lunatics in denial and b) there would be no problem, because you can't fight something that doesn't exist. Hitler recognized the Jews' existence; the problem was that he wanted to end that existence.
b) Hamas doesn't need to renounce terrorism. Hamas needs to renounce violence. It's no good if Hamas turns its terrorist gunmen, suicide bombers and rocketeers into a regular army devoted to Israel's destruction. Hamas needs to quit violence, period.

Here are some other articles related to Hamas, terrorism, and Iran.
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I've also put up several articles on the Muhammad cartoons.
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At 3:24 a.m., Canadian Politico Blogger Scottage said:

This is a great post. You're absolutely right, they have recognized Israel, just not their right to exist. Unless we do a better job understanding the conflict, we're doomed to never escape it.

At 1:29 p.m., Canadian Politico Blogger lecentre said:

Wow, thanks for the compliment. You make a good point about understanding it. I see damn hippies in the street protesting about apartheid in the Middle East and I realize just how clueless many people are. You'd think they might protest for women's rights in the PA, or for a real cause...
But no, you can't criticize the PA if you're one of these fools. The ends justify the means to them, and if the end of getting rid of Israel (the extreme left is just as antisemitic as the extreme right) requires muting of criticism of its opponents, then so be it. You'll notice the hippies have forgotten the evils of nuclear energy where Iran is concerned, for another example...


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