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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Separatism and Bilingualism in Canada

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Bilingualism doesn't exist in Canada, says a Separatist on Though I acknowledge the point about many people outside Quebec being unilingual, I'd suggest Quebeckers are also unilingual. I also reject her point about being able to survive in Montreal without French. First, you're going to learn it here whether you like it or not, and second, you need French for any public institution.
Her ideas are as dated as Argus' abuse of French Canadians. Tout ca c'est dans le passe, as we say.
Also note her own weak English rife with francisisms, which are the English equivalent of anglicismes. That is, she directly translates french expressions, such as 'en region', meaning rural areas. Thus English isn't spoken very well 'in region'.
It's also amusing how she suggests that separatist strength would be even higher if they were in power. Actually, being in opposition you get to dress up as a holier than thou saint, without having to do real work. Thus your support is likelier to run higher when you're sitting in opposition. Besides, it's always easier to say you support separatism than to actually vote for it.

See the original nonsense here:
"Seperatist" can't speak English (francisisme).

Note to wikipedia: she calls herself a SEPARATIST. Not a SOVEREIGNIST. Teh damn wikipedia article says they should be called sovereignists... yet another instance of francisisms. Damn propagandists dominating wikipedia...
Bilingualism is alive and well in Ontario, Quebec, and other places here and there, though it could be better. But from there to what this separatist is saying... she's just totally out of touch, clearly living in the past.


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