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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Israel, Lebanon News

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Hezbollah's Bint Jbeil Scene of Heavy Fighting:
"IDF sources reported heavy gun battles between soldiers from the Golani Brigade and Hizbullah guerrillas, and said that some of the shooting was taking place at point-blank range in homes and courtyards."

Iran's Ahmadinejad Opens his Fat Mouth, Prepares for Fat Lip:
"In addition to a cease-fire, Ahmadinejad called for talks on the Lebanon crisis without conditions, and demanded Israel compensate the country and apologize for its actions. He also denied US claims that Iran provides military support for Hizbullah, saying it only supports the movement politically and morally."

"The IDF presented a weapon seized during fighting with Hizbullah operatives in Lebanon: an RPG marked with the logo of the Iranian military industry."

Lebanese President and Syrian Stooge Emil Lahoud supports Hezbollah. With leaders like that, who needs enemies?

Dry Bones makes a good point about the French.
"There'll be an international fighting force... led by the French.
- Which will it be?"
I.e. a force, or the French wimps who'll probably let hell continue...
On a related note, Lebanese blogger Raja has some pictures of what Lebanon was like before Hezbollah decided it needed more political capital and chose to attack Israel. On

More calls are taking place to have Hezbollah comply with UN resolution 1559. Which we all know won't happen, because the UN is a helpless organization, and because the Arab/Muslim voting bloc controls it anyways, and will just have this one blow over in time.

Finally, only a few more months of tolerating Kofi Annan, until the UN's Buffoon in Chief (guess the acronym that makes for) ends his term, in December 2006. Hopefully the next Secretary-General will be a bit more efficient and intelligent, especially vis-a-vis Israel and Darfur.

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