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Friday, July 14, 2006

Mediocre Media 6!

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Hello and welcome to the 6th issue of Mediocre Media! As always, you're welcome to participate: here's the information you need.

Our excellent repeat contributor Don Surber brings us "The Vicious Silence of the New York Times."

Says Don: "Some journalists even demanded an investigation. The NYT called for an special prosecutor. This was madness. This was political payback because Novak dares to be a conservative voice. If some lefty crackpot like Robert Scheer were under attack by a federal prosecutor, you bet your boots NYT would be wrapping him in the First Amendment."

Fellow regular and quality contributor here at Mediocre Media is Muse at Shiloh Musings, who presents Don't trust the NY Times!

Seems like the NY Times ain't all it's cracked up to be, after all. Says Muse: "They have their agenda, and it's too easy to prove them wrong." What I like about Muse's posts is that she submits them under the category of ethics and morality, pointing out the weak ethical standards in the media.

Another familiar, friendly face is Joerg at the insightful Atlantic Review. He brings us the slightly misnamed What? Germans Sing Nazi Anthem in World Cup Stadium? It actually concerns increasing German sympathy for Israel!

Joerg also criticizes the media for presenting a German minister as a Nazi. The National Review labels Joschka Fischer as Nazi Propaganda Minister

Yet another repeat contributor is Ashok Karra, who brings us Is Democracy Feasible? For this carnival, Ashok's also sharing some other posts. Consider his "On Iconography," and "Thomas Jefferson on the Nature of the News."

As you can imagine, Ashok's got a penchant for history. Ashok [vaguely] describes his posts thus: "They can be taken to be symbolic of an age when media was less
technology driven, and more about attempting to communicate that which was

Unfortunately, that's all we have for this carnival. There would probably be more, but the thing is that I was lazy around the posting of the last carnival and didn't bother trackbacking, so people who might otherwise have submitted again didn't share their criticisms with us this time around.

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