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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Suicide Servers: Quip of the Day

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-Welcome to the carnival readers who are here for some laughs at the int'l jihad's expense. I'll get to the humour in a moment. Just before though, if I might, I'd like to point your attention to how you can save Israeli children by donating to a campaign moving the children out of Hezbollah's Katyusha rocket range. I've donated, and I hope I can thankyou ahead of time for your own generosity.-

So apparently, the terrorists have protected their jihad with the almighty shield of a Creative Commons copyright (scroll down towards the bottom). You know where the marketing of this is going, right?

"Coming soon, to a Holy War near you... Suicide Servers! They explode at peak traffic times to reach their 72 blue screens of death! Run on powerful 'in-Jail inside' processors, these little martyrs will kill large numbers of infidel java scripts! Of course, they come with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. For a limited time only, get your Sword of Jihad mainframe at the low, low price of 2.99 wives!"

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At 9:06 a.m., Canadian Politico Blogger OBloodyHell said:

> get your Sword of Jihad mainframe at the low, low price of 2.99 wives!

Ummm, how would you like your change, sir?

At 4:34 a.m., Canadian Politico Blogger lecentre said:

However, just don't lose your head over it.


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