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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Canadian Green Party Pics, Interview & Green Carnival

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Canadian Politicians Chernushenko and MayRecently, the Green Party of Canada and its leadership race have been given lots of press here. I had promised pictures from the Green Party's leadership debate here in Montreal that took place in June, and I've finally transferred them to the computer.

For anyone who missed it, I interviewed the Green Party's leadership candidate Elizabeth May. The interview filled over a dozen pages in word, so it's broken up into parts
Canadian Green Politicians Debate1,


Green Party of Canada leadership debate3,


Canadian Debate on Environment Moderator5,



Canadian Green politicians debate moreI also have two posts worth of notes on the Montreal leadership debate, and links to video of the debate (pictured above). The people in the pictures are, from left, the debate moderator; Green Party of Canada debate finalDavid Chernushenko, Green Party of Canada leadership candidate; and Elizabeth May, Green Party of Canada leadership candidate. Absent from the debate was Jim Fannon, the Greens' third leadership candidate.

On a related note, I encourage everyone to go check out the Green carnival at Ester Republic.

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