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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Green Party Leadership Debate Video

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The Green Party leadership candidates debated last night here in Montreal.

CPAC taped the event, and has a video of the debate with English translation, as well as a video of the Green debate in the original French.

I'll have my notes and commentary from the debate up later today. People can submit questions for the Green Party's upcoming English language leadership candidates' debate to be held in Calgary at the Green Party of Canada's website. Note that the leadership race's latest entrant, Jim Fannon did not show up, so that the debate was held between David Chernushenko and Elizabeth May.

The Green Party's French language debate was an interesting night (what I saw of it; I had a family get-together earlier in the night and so arrived about 25 minutes into the debate), though the two leadership candidates didn't really "debate" so much. In fact, at a point late in the debate, the leadership candidates recognized they were mostly in agreement...

On a related note, in the following few days, I expect to post the interviews with May and Chernushenko. If you want to be told about the interviews when they're published, consider subscribing to our free newsletter.

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