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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Separatists, Sovereigntists, and now Separationists?

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Separatists is the standard English term used to refer to Quebec's separatists, though the separatists' control of Wikipedia's pages on the issue would have us believe that "sovereigntists" (just rolls off the tongue, I know... please note the sarcasm dripping from my otherwise clean pores) is the right word to refer to them.

Well, it now appears that separatists and "sovereigntists" have been supplanted: the Geek world brings us separationists.

Just a note: Separatists' promotion of the word "sovereignists" is not only a Francicism (the English equivalent of "anglicismes" that people here in Quebec are so uptight about). No, when you try saying "d*** sovereignists" and it gets stuck in your mouth like when doctors put popsicle sticks on your tongue, you realize that the separatists' promotion of the word "sovereigntist" is really just another way of undermining the English language. Right up there with Quebec's Non-Franco Oppresion Police, officially known as the Office de la Langue Francaise.

Did I mention I'm a federalist anglo who happens to be fluent in French and loathes the separatist movement for trying to break up my beloved Canada? Maybe it's because of the separatists' association with the Nazis in times past? Or perhaps because the modern separatists of the Saint Jean Baptist Society (which conveniently forgets to add "for the oppression of Anglos, Ethnics and the Money Vote" to the end of its official name) are again working towards Quebec's racial purity? The more things change...

(Side note: here's an excerpt from the above cited excellent Maclean's piece on Quebec's separatists:
"Last week, Martin Lamontagne got an email from 'Moise Thériault' urging him to stop speaking ill of the SSJB. 'Tell [the journalists] that you made everything up,' it said. 'Tell [them] you did it under the orders of Gilles Rhéaume.' The missive had a few more choice words. 'If you follow my recommendation, I could hold back those who want to pursue you in court for defamation, or those who want to kick your ass (you are at the top of the blacklist of skinheads in Montreal). The decision is entirely yours, and you have your destiny in your hands.'

Oh Caaaaaaaanadaaaaa, this descendant of immigrants stands on guard for thee! Happy Belated Canada Day :D! Our true National Holiday :D!

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At 3:52 p.m., Canadian Politico Blogger Psychols said:

I loathe that separatist movement too. Perhaps we should be politically correct and call them "pluralisticly challenged".

At 5:36 p.m., Canadian Politico Anonymous Anonymous said:

We’re not separatists, because we’ve always been separate from the english.

We just want our sovereignty, which even zimbabweans have.

It's just not our fault if the english are unable to learn other language, and stumble on difficult words.

At 1:23 p.m., Canadian Politico Blogger lecentre said:

Oh Yeah, they're definitely pluralistically challenged.

And to th anonymous commenter, when you want to separate Quebec from Canada, proper English terminology is separatist. Quebec has sovereignty over its affairs as per the Constitution.

I didn't say it's you separatists' fault if some people can't learn French. I'm saying it's your fault if the English language is being screwed up with ridiculous, imprecise language to accomodate people like you who are just looking to destroy Canada!

At 8:25 p.m., Canadian Politico Blogger Julien said:

Destroy Canada? LOLLLL
It's just a non-sens/emotive reason.

Le Québec a le droit d'être libre.


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