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Friday, June 23, 2006

Challenging the Religious Right on Pollution

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I want to challenge the religious right on pollution. Bare with me, here, as I play devil's advocate; I had an interesting thought/question/argument about the topic where I've seen the scientific community defend its ideas and explain them, but the right hasn't risen to my challenge.

A little while ago, I asked why it appeared that scientists and the left were standing up for conservationism when this seemed to go contrary to Darwin, whom they endorse so strongly. On the other hand, I also challenged the religious right as to how they can support hugely polluting corporations which contribute to evolution and disproving their support for intelligent design. Not to mention it isn't exactly loving your neighbour when you dump toxic chemcicals in his back yard.

Anybody on the religious right care to explain this to me?

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At 4:57 p.m., Canadian Politico Blogger King Aardvark said:

For scientists/leftists, we understand Darwin and realize that we're about to make ourselves toast. If the environment changes, we likely won't be able to compete favourably anymore. So we have to work our hardest to maintain a favourable environment. Nor is Natural Selection a substitute for morality, so we prefer not to hurt others.

For rightists/fundies, my guess is that they just don't care. God said that we have dominion over the earth, so screw it. Besides, the rapture is coming, so it doesn't matter.


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