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Sunday, June 18, 2006

A New Carnival of the Insanities

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The Carnival of the Insanities has been posted! Doc Sanity has discriminating taste and doesn't accept just every submission to her carnival, and the result is one of the best political carnivals on the web. Common-sense writers explaining and exploring topics that need to be covered, but often aren't. If you like Centrerion Canadian Politics' content, know that the good doctor's carnival features our articles and many more of a similar bent.

(For those who don't know, a "carnival" is a post on a particular theme that links to other blogs' posts on that theme. In this case, the theme is politics. You can participate and get links to your blog/site too.)

I only wish I could say our submissions are the best in the carnival, because that would be a huge achievement. You'll note that many people linked from the Doc's carnival are also participants in the Mediocre Media carnival we host, and/or members of our blogroll... If I could equal the Doc's writing (read in particular her posts on Denial), that would be even more incredible.

All this to say: go see the Carnival of the Insanities now!!

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