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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Carnivals We Host

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A carnival is a post linking to a variety of different writers's articles and ideas on a particular theme. These are the two blogging carnivals we host, here at Centrerion Canadian Politics:
- The Moderate Circus
- Mediocre Media
Please note we will be hosting the June 21 edition of the The Tangled Bank science carnival
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As you can see, we link to people tackling issues relevant to Canadian politics from a moderate perspective (or discussing centrism in general), and to people criticizing the media, with particular blood and vinegar aimed at the mainstream media. Naturally, xenophobes need not submit their articles for inclusion in the Moderate Circus or Mediocre Media.

Moderate Circus

Submissions should discuss an issue from a moderate perspective, or discuss centrism itself. For example, one could submit a post arguing for a medium-sized government that doesn't interfere too much, but that still has a wide enough safety net to catch anyone with a serious problem. Partisan submissions are accepted.

Mediocre Media

Posts to this carnival can discuss any media in the world. The posts should include topics such as media bias, poor reporting, ignorance, and all the "you goofed" type of stuff the editors of "letters to the editor" don't print. Other criticism of the media is welcome. The full political spectrum can submit their posts. Related posts are accepted; use your judgement.

To be included in the next carnival, either email me, use Conservative Cat's Carnival submission tool, or use Blog Carnival's service. Please include a permalink/link to the specific post, a trackback url if any, and a brief synopsis of your post (-50 words).

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