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Monday, March 20, 2006

Moderate Circus of Canadian Politics 3

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Here's the Moderate Circus of Canadian Politics, edition three.
This carnival highlights writing from a moderate and or centrist point of view on Canadian politics. Non-Canadians are also welcome to contribute, so long as their post is written from a moderate/centrist position (it doesn't have to be about Canadian politics, though those are obviously preferred).
If you would like to host a future edition of the carnival, write me: Ggoldenberg at-gmail dotcom.
Read the submission criteria for having a post listed in the circus, then submit using the easy carnival submission form (hint: have your post page/permalink url handy for the post you're submitting, as well as trackback url(if any) and homepage url).

Foreign Affairs:

Abba Gav notes the stupidity of the media in calling yet another Hamas member a moderate.

In Boobs, Not Brains, Continued, North American Patriot discusses the reaction to her criticism of Jessica Simmpson. Said starlet refused to do charity work because it meant associating with people of a different political stripe. Nobody's taught the girl about having an open mind it seems.

What does it say when terrorists think Canadians are cool? Here's some original commentary on the kidnapping of a Canadian aid worker by the terrorist group PFLP.

Harper's pissed of the Indo-Canadians, says Vijay Sappani. He snubbed India after visiting Pakistan. Smooth moves, Stephen.

Work accidents happen to Jihadis
too, we learn from Clarity and Resolve. I wonder if they get worker's comp?

Domestic Politics:

604 Plonker from I didn't Get Where I Am Today has an intelligent critique of the first blogger hotstove, which had a bunch of bloggers of different political affiliations discussing the Liberal leadership race. The idea's like satellite hotstove on Hockey Night in Canada, but with politics. Anyways, he comments on the foolish strategy of appeasing Quebeckers at the expense of the rest of the country.

James "Top Notch Writer" (ok, so I'm the only one calling him that ... it's still true) Bow discusses our national priorities, and in this post, it's reinvesting in the Canadian Forces.

Calgary Grit reports on Ralph Klein's decision to step down in Alberta.

Cops Copping Cops Flops - Again is over at Dawg's Blawg. Title makes the topic kind of self-evident, no? Good to hear someone discussing this; it's an important societal issue.


Laryngeal Bleep Implant Improves Political Discourse, by Avant News. They report the news before it happens, and the LBI is no exception:
The Laryngeal Bleep Implant, or LBI, first proposed in 2008 by the grass-roots initiative Americans For a Little Honesty In Government Please If It's Not Too Much To Ask and first tested on a human being in 2013, is the small device implanted in the necks of public servants that functions as a proactive self-censor during public speaking.

Rick Mercer has a photo editing challenge of a picture of PM Harper. Here's an entry.

Jon Swift has some material on weeding out the other illegal immigrants from American society: Canadians. I'm not sure what makes us illegal, or if this was actually a joke, but I'm going to treat it as one. If it's not, the author's as dumb as you can read (but please, no easy comments a la "Americans are fat and stupid.")

Moderate Circus 2
Moderate Circus 1, then called Canadian centrism

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