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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Canadian Politics - Moderate Circus

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In Canadian politics this week, we're presenting to you the newly renamed centrist and moderate carnival, the Moderate Circus. My apologies for the delay, things have been hectic, and I'm disorganized. We have our traditional specialties of Canadian federal politics and foreign affairs, along with selections on Quebec, education, religion and more.

Canadian federal politics

Our co-writer here, the Blue Grit, discusses the mainstream media's arrogance in covering the Liberal leadership race. He's posted more on it since this post, so you should browse Blue Grit too.
Crawl Across the Ocean has the moderate pro-public health care (and apparently the Globe position covered, in a rebuttal of La Presse's) Lysiane Gagnon (who I find equally if not more brilliant).
Mike has background info on Canadian health care. Stay tuned for our own explanation of the debate.
Dodosville has this excellent line, "As with all things, I am only interested in what works," which I think accurately reflects the non-partisan view. That doesn't mean we should pursue what is expedient, but rather we shouldn't be limited by partisan dogma. Anyways, the lot of it is in the context of Harper's toughening up on crime, and suggesting we need to prevent it, not react to it (though I might point out that tougher sentences are intended to prevent crime...). He's also got an interestingly titled piece, The Fog of Partisanship, which I unfortunately didn't have time to more than browse (about Katrina).
John Gushue has some musings on Kim Campbell's rise to power. Good warm-up reading in anticipation of our post on Prime Minister Stephen Harper's leadership campaign and the contributors that boosted his Conservative canadian politics.


Mathieu Laberge
, one of my favourite writers on Quebec, wrote about Quebec politics and the Charest government's lazy response to the Supreme Court's pro-private health care decision. The essence of his argument is that Charest isn't really solving the problem the like the judges told him to, but rather making a stopgap solution that will be more palatable in this pre-election season. I personally think Charest's a total goof who can't govern worth a bean. He's backtracked on plenty of positive issues earlier in his mandate, and is now going headstrongly ahead with other, dumber ones, such as abusing the teachers' unions.

Foreign Affairs

Gay and right decries our country's funding of Hamas. Good to see friends of Israel in the gay community. Nice site design, by the way.
Dave at the Galloping Beaver explains why we're right to be in Afghanistan. It's very insightful, and you can tell Dave's an expert on the topic.


The Moderate Post has discussion of our kids who ain't leranin good, to paraphrasearize him.


Canadian Studies writes about a theme not far removed from that of my own essay on democracy and liberalism. According to him, freedom of speech needs promotion in the Mid-East.
Some discussion of religion in Canada, and separation of Church and State. A personal look at the subject.
Avant News has a controversial study 'proving' that the world was created by committee. Debatable, but an interesting read for obvious reasons.


Catprint in the Mash has an interesting post on beer, and his brewing. Canadien beer's the best, as we all know.

That's it for the Moderate Circus. Tune in again soon for discussion of all the things we promised above, and of course, more moderate analysis of Canadian politics.

Canadian centrism (edition one of this newly renamed carnival)
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