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Friday, March 10, 2006

Yale Sues Peter Mackay for Plagiarism

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In the news this past week and change, it has come out that Ivy-League university Yale is educating (trying to anyways) a former Deputy Foreign Secretary of the Taliban.

Pursuant to Peter Mackay's pledge to give aid to Hamas, Yale officials put out the following statement.
"Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Peter Mackay, should duck his ugly head back into his little igloo. Canada has no right to rip off respectable American institutions' legitimate attempts at winning the war on terrorism.
We were the first to understand that the Taliban are really just misunderstood darlings; we are the original terrorist appeasers.
"We therefore demand an immediate apology, and recognition of Yale's intellectual rights to the doctrine of self-flagellation as a means of winning the hearts and minds of terrorists everywhere. Furthermore, on behalf of the Taliban, we demand that Canada recognize the Talib regime's copyrights to state support of terrorism."

Yale law professor Alan Dershowitz defended Yale's most infamous student's history. "Freedom of speech is an absolute unlimited right. Mr. Rahmatullah (the Talib student) is just as entitled as the next person to advocate the burning of gays, Jews and pigs."
Osama Bin Laden could not be reached for comment.

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