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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Interview with Nicolas Thibodeau, Deafeated NDP Candidate in Mount-Royal

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Nicolas Thibodeau of the NDP was defeated by Liberal Irwin Cotler in the riding of Mount Royal. The young (relatively) politician gave us an interview, in which he discusses his past studies, his future plans, where he considers the NDP to be going, and related political issues. He was particularly passionate about the priorities of Mount-Royal residents. I wrote him the questions and he wrote me back by email, so they're perhaps a bit rearranged, but I haven't edited anything he said, other than grammar (and I left some errors to give it the original's feel).
Here's the interview.

Centrerion: Hi Mr. Thibodeau,
I followed your campaign and went to your site a few times. It was interesting to see the reference from the Israeli University. What were you studying there?
Thibodeau: I studyed International Relations with Dr. Sasson Sofer.
Centrerion: What did you get out of your campaign?
Thibodeau: I wish to meet you, writing this answer would kill the passionate side of it!
Centrerion: What are your thoughts on the NDP's increase in seat count?
Thibodeau: The more the merryier... and the fact is, the more seat will let us work towards the progressive goal we represent for all Canadians!
Centrerion: Will it last once the Liberals reorganize and reunify for the next election?
Thibodeau: It will not only last, the NDP wishes to awake the non-participant to go vote!!! Just imagine if the other half, well 40% Canada wise, went to express their progressiveness...
Centrerion: Does the NDP have enough power? Are there other important issues with
the count?
Thibodeau: The important issue is to have a real representative democracy.
Centrerion: What are the priorities for the riding of Mount-Royal's citizens?
Thibodeau: With the lack of participation in the last couple of elections, I wonder... I my voice can represent the whole, then it would be about a cleaner, safer environment. I would be about proper access to public
services. Feeling that their elected representative care, and that their vote (voice) is important.
Centrerion: What measures and laws do they want this government to pursue/enact?
Thibodeau: Any laws permitting a better respect of democracy (representative!), of the environment (through proper public transport invesment), cleaner water (do you use bottled or filtered Brita water at home?)
Centrerion: How do you interpret Irwin Cotler's reduced margin of victory
(-10%)? What about your showing, with a relatively unexpected 800~ votes?
Thibodeau: Mr. Cotler's reduced margin is conjonctural. Unexpected? What did you imagine I expected?
Centrerion: What are Montrealers priorities?
Thibodeau: Visit
Centrerion: Your thoughts on Quebec's priorities? I would really appreciate sharing some time face-to-face, this is a very complex (not complicated!) question. Is the fiscal imbalance under/overrated?
Thibodeau: The fiscality, I could let my friends father (Michel Audet) @entertain you about it...
Centrerion: What do you make of the Bloc getting 42% of the vote, rather than the 50% hoped for?
Thibodeau: They got the results they deserved!
Centrerion: What do you think of the Conservatives' campaign in our province?
Thibodeau: They got the results they where hopping for... more than they
deserved! ;)
Centrerion: Why did Quebec city vote CPC?
Thibodeau: The same reason why did André Arthur won.
Centrerion: What concrete measures can we take in Parliament to develop
sustainably? [Thibodeau: (NOW THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION OF THEM ALL!!!)] Centrerion (question continued): How about individual Canadians?
Thibodeau: I will let you in on where I have moved to :
Centrerion: Do you intend to work on the Canadian Policy Wiki?
Thibodeau: You just put me in the loop, but first I will be putting my energies on sustainability
and my political science studies at UQAM.
Centrerion: Any intentions for other think tank work?
Thibodeau: Yes.
Centrerion: What's the latest movie you've seen?
Thibodeau: Capote.
Centrerion: Book you've read?
Thibodeau: I usually read several books at a time apart from my University work, 3
at the present time : The Book of Laughter and Forgetting (Milan Kundera), A Short History of Progress (Ronald Wright) & Energy and Equity by Ivan Illich.

Thibodeau: Well, sorry if I answered so bluntely point to point (ed's note: yeah, tell me about it!), I will be having a public meeting to share my analysis of the Ridings results soon (editor's note: long passed; my bad), I would be pleased to meet you prior or after this activity.

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At 8:18 a.m., Canadian Politico Blogger Devon Rowcliffe said:

Interesting. Us bloggers need to interact directly with politicians more, rather than just standing on the sidelines.

Well done!

At 12:05 a.m., Canadian Politico Blogger lecentre said:

I couldn't agree more. If that's your position, you might care to make your voice heard by going and helping write the Canadian Policy Wiki. It's a website anyone can edit, the idea being for Canadians to tell politicos what they want.
Thibodeau is great in terms of accessibility; if that were the only issue, I'd have voted for him in a heartbeat (I really, really don't like Layton, though).
On a related note, would you like to see interviews with anyone else? I'm looking at trying to speak to some municipal politicians here in Montreal.


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