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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Harper Supports Terrorism, Places Gov't Above Law

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Stephen Harper's government will donate to Hamas. Peter "Clueless" Mackay, our unfortunate Minister of Foreign Affairs, today tacked on that Hamas would have to give up violence and terorrism. Except the money's going to go their way beforehand, so he may as well have not even bothered to pretend to have any decency.

Hamas is on the government's list of banned terrorist groups. That means it's a criminal offense to support them, including financial support.

Stephen Harper's supposedly "accountable" government is making a concerted effort to be anything but. It's cabinet includes an MP who was voted in on another party's platform and who swore to be Harper's biggest enemy once Parliament was in session. Now, the government has decided that our counterterrorist laws don't apply to it. It's a considerable irony that Harper's first trip abroad should be to Kandahar, Afhanistan, where our troops are fighting al-Qaeda and the Taliban. I'm sure they'll be applauding him to high heaven after this hare-brained pledge of support for Hamas.

Why is Harper offering money to Hamas, you say? Good question, I reply. Are you going to answer me, you say? I think I will, and I'll even spare you this strange imaginary dialogue in writing the answer.
The key is in the powerful influence of the mainstream media on our voting, because we rely on the MSM for information. Basically, Stephen Harper was awarded the election by the media. Paul Martin was a boring old white-hair, while Stephen Harper's had some kind of lubed up salt-n-pepper hairstyle as media friendly as his campaign was. Now, the CBC and CTV did their best to prevent Harper's reelection, and they succeeded to a considerable extent, in that so many Liberals were elected. Soooo?... (OK, no more dialogue from here, I promise.)
So Harper wants to woo the CBC and CTV so that he can win a majority next time around. Given that the morons at our public television stations are calling Hamas 'moderate' nowadays, because they're ripping off Yasser Arafat's old line about 'liberating Palestine' (i.e. the land from the Jordan river to the Mediterannean). This replaces the old 'we're going to destroy the zionist entity.' Basically, the CBC and CTV, in their institutional anti-Israel bias, have given the terrorist organization a free ride, and are calling them things like 'relative moderates' and other PR-friendly terms. In parroting their line on a topic most Canadians don't care about, Harper endears himself to the TV MSM, at little cost in domestic political capital.
Harper's buying good media coverage for himself and the CPC on Israel's back.

I'm so happy we won't have to deal with this nonsense for a full 5 years. Incidentally, if anyone would care to start a lawsuit against the government, demanding that it follow it's own laws on terrorism, I'd be more than happy to help out.

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At 12:59 a.m., Canadian Politico Blogger Rob Good said:

Unfortunately NZ has also offered this aid to Hamas.... WTF are they thinking?

At 11:47 p.m., Canadian Politico Blogger lecentre said:

The mainstream media says giving them money will make them be moderate. Note also that journalists study journalism, not math and logic.
OK... that was a cheap shot. They often make these dumb comments though, like calling Hamas members 'relative moderates'... Like what, relative to Iran? Because they have no nukes? Don't try and trick us, damnit!


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