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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Top 10 Posts on Centrerion

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Is Canada a Secular Country? - More ties between Church and State than you thought, in our fair frozen country
Portion Sizes linked to Obesity - Time published my letter; the post is the first of a three part series on the ties between obesity and portion sizes
On Democracy and Liberalism - We need to promote liberalism in the Mid-East. Democracy is not the same as free speech, which is a liberal (not in the political sense) value.
3 Steps to Calculate Your GST Tax Break - How to calculate what you'll get from Harper's GST tax cut
Analysis of a Conservative Majority vs a Conservative Minority - Written before the election
Quip of the Day: Art - Humour for those of us who are artistically challenged
Canada Will Beat the Taliban - Humour regarding Al-Qaeda is using... axes??
Palestinians Chose Hamas: They Didn't NOT-Choose Fatah - They could have voted for other parties than those two... analytical post.
Freedom Versus Religious Extremism - Blue Grit has a bone to pick with pro-terrorist lefties, who distort leftist values.
Harper Supports Terrorism, Places Government Above Law - What was Peter Mackay doing offering financial support to terrorists??

10 more insightful posts no one noticed, for one reason or another:
Fake Outrage - Klander - Our politicians make mountains out of a molehills. Blue Grit exposes these fraudsters.
Waiting Lists Reduction Policies - Discussion of an excellent policy paper by Dr. Michael Rachlis
How to be Influential: 5 Ideas - Mainly concerned with having others consider your writing important
The Failure of Canadian Immigration Services - We invite doctors and professionals, then we don't let them practice...
Government: More Services at Less Cost - It's possible, and this proves it using accepted economic models.
Hamas Wins, Now What? - A think tank explains the traps ahead in foreign policy, regarding Hamas.
Education Politics: Devalued in Quebec - Forget tuition, look at academic entrance requirements to study education!
Response to Daniel Pipes - No, Mr. Pipes, there is no such thing as a "right to insult." There Is a right to dignity, though.
Comment on Anti-Americanism - It's despicable that so many of us are blindly anti-American.
GDP and GDP per Capita since NAFTA - Part of my research into the effects of NAFTA on Canada


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