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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Harper's Cabinet and Harper's Donators

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Amid the controversy over PM Stephen Harper's cabinet appointments, giving ministries to David Emerson and Michael Fortier, notably, no one considered a possible link between who made it into cabinet and who contributed to Stephen Harper's leadership campaign. On a related note, it should be fun watching how many of Belinda Stronach's campaign contributors from the business world (where most of her contributions seem to have been from) get denied government contracts.
Here's a spreadsheet I've put together outlining who gave how much to who, and where they've ended up as a result. It can't be said that Harper's cabinet shows a direct link to the contributions. However, Justice Minister and former Justice Critic Vic Toews, though experienced and qualified, may not have gotten the nod for Justice given his opposition to Same-Sex Marriage. Similarly, I am skeptical of Michael Fortier's qualifications. He managed Harper's leadership campaign, and is otherwise known as financier specializing in securities, mergers and acquisitions, according to Wikipedia. I tried to find if Susan Fortier, who contributed $6000 to the Stephen Harper campaign, is his wife, but the information doesn't seem to be available online.
Here's how to interpret the data, because the spreadsheet couldn't be pasted into word. The last name, first name, and middle name (if any) are listed. Then, there is the value of their contribution to Harper's campaign, Stronach's, and finally clements. Three consecutive zeroes means no donations. If someone with the same last name donated, the name and value of their donation was noted after a semi-colon. The order remains the same. Thus, with the Baird last name, John Baird gave nothing to Harper, but a possible relative named Douglas donated $450. He gave nil to Stronach, but a possible relative named Barbara chipped in $250. Finally, John Baird gave $350 himself to the Clement campaign.

Overall, I think these donations are notable mostly as signs of committed loyalty. I noted also that a couple of people who caused trouble for Stockwell Day didn't quite make it to cabinet. These people include Jay Hill (surprised me, I'd have thought the Tories' whip would get along with a fellow opponent of gay marriage)

If you want a copy of the original spreadsheet, leave a comment and I'll email you. I'd also love to hear you guys' analysis of this information, and in particular what you think of the Fortier selection.

Last Name First name Middle Name Contribution to Harper Contribution to Stronach Contribution to Clement

In Cabinet

Ambrose Rona 0; Bruce Ambrose: 500 0 0
Baird John 0; Douglas Baird: 450 0; Barbara: 250 350
Bernier Maxime 0 0 0
Blackburn Jean-Pierre 0 0 0
Cannon Lawrence 0 0 0: Douglas: 250
Chong Michael D. ? 0 0 0
Clement Tony 0 0 0
Day Stockwell Burt 0 0 0
Emerson David 0 0 0
Finley Diane 0 0 0
Flaherty James Michael 0 0 0
Fortier Michael 0; Susan: 6000 0 0 "Mr. Fortier was co-chair of Mr. Harper’s leadership campaign for the new Conservative Party of Canada in 2003, and during the last election, he was co-chair of the national campaign." CPC website
Hearn Loyola 0 0 0
LeBreton Marjory 0 0 0
Lunn Gary 0 0 0; Larry: 500
Mackay Peter Gordon 0 0 0
Nicholson Robert Douglas 0 0 0
O'Connor Gordon 0 0 0
Oda Beverley J.? 0 0 0
Prentice Jim 0; Robert: 210 0 0
Skelton Carol 500 0 0; Chris: 1000
Solberg Monte 500 0 0
Strahl Chuck (Charles?) 0 0 500
Thompson Gregory Francis 0; Several Thompsons: 1950 0; Gordon 500 0; Mark: 400
Toews Vic 1000; Rudolph 205 0 0
Verner Josée 0 0 0

Rejected candidates (according to media sources... basing themselves on who knows what. Donations perhaps?)

PS to MoF: Ablonczy Diane 0 0 0
PS to MIT: Guergis Helena 0 0 0
Whip: Hill Jay 500 0 0
lost: Kent Peter 0 0 0
PS to MIC: Menzies Ted 0 0 0
Pallister Brian 0; Jim: 550 0 0 Asked not to be considered for cabinet, as he was considering a run for leadership of the Manitoba Conservatives
Rajotte James: 1000 0 0
PS to MFA: van Loan Peter 0 0 0
PS to MHR: Yelich Lynne 0 0 0
PS = Parliamentary Secretary


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