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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dear Readers

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Dear Readers, we'd like you to give us a hand

Blue Grit, Andrew, Jiggy and myself write articles and posts to inform, entertain, and otherwise interest you (okay, we also rant now and again). That said, we'd like to ask you to help Centrerion: Canadian Politics, and we're not even looking for donations. I made a short list of a some easy actions you could take that would make our day:
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Get a account (they're free), and bookmark our homepage, and the posts you like. Here's an explanation and how-to guide for Can you spare a minute?

Check out our Help Wanted post
, and see if you can help us with any of those things. We're looking for web design help, and more critical thinkers to write more content.

Comment. Comment on a post, email us or send us a link.

You can get our new content by email, or by RSS.

Email us ideas.
We share ours with you, let us know what you think we could write about to share your ideas with other readers. We'll be happy to link to your site (if any) or to a charity or association you're involved with as thanks, and maybe even do a piece on them.

If you're also a supporter of Israel, join the Friends of Israel group, and put the sign on your website.

Now that you're done reading our letter to you, consider doing one or a few of the things named above. Alternatively, here are some related articles you might find interesting, notably our Reader Rewards/Loyalty program, and our Help Wanted Post.
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Centrerion's Global Readership - Look where you've helped us get! :)
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Reader Rewards Program
Are terrorists reading too? I was pretty scared the other day when I read my site statistics and logs...

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