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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Economics of Sex - Why Teens Aren't Doing It (That Much)

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I was discussing relationships with my friend today. She was saying she's a victim of a disfunctional sexual labour market.
In the job market, people are unemployed when employers' needs don't match potential employees' skills. In the sexual labour market, most teen guys want no-strings-attached sex, while my friend wanted a relationship.
I think this is true of the broader sexual labour market too: employers (women) want relationships, employees (guys) are offering easy sex.
The result: high unemployment, and poor productivity! Teens aren't having as much sex as everyone thinks (adults: why do you think Spring Break in Cancun is so popular?)...

I wonder if evangelicals ever thought of working in this supply-and-demand system to develop the mismatch? Probably a lot easier than trying to ban condom use and telling people abstinence is the way to go.

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