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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Endorsements to Centrerion: Canadian Politics Readers

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Here are some websites and tools I'd like to digress from Canadian politics for a moment to endorse to you. I can swear by each of these because, as you can tell from this site, I use all of them.
Part of the endorsement is my own experience with them, and part of the endorsements is an explanation of what users get out of them.
I'm a credible source because of my success with these tools, and other web endeavours. Mozilla allows me to view Centrerion: Canadian Politics properly. has been helpful for me to find resources I wanted to refer to when I'm away from home, and though I'm new to text-link-ads, I anticipate it'll probably earn me some money soon, like other referral programs have. Besides that, I'm topping Google, which gives me even more credibility with regards to the web.
I hope you guys make use of these to your benefit.

Endorsements for everyone:

Web browser Mozilla Firefox
To browse the web faster, to browse it with fewer crashes, to view websites properly, and to gauge if a website is an authority in its domain, Mozilla Firefox is the best browser out there. Internet Explorer works slower and crashes frequently. Besides that, it misreads html and thus displays websites in an awkward fashion. Lastly, Firefox has the Google toolbar, which shows you a site’s PageRank, a good estimate of how reliable it is.

Bookmark Saver Tool enables users to save their bookmarks online. This means that bookmarks can be accessed from any computer with Internet access, not just from home. The privacy policy gives it an edge over competitor Digg, which might sell your information.

Endorsement for website publishers and owners:

Money Maker/Traffic Earner Text Link Ads
This innovative business allows publishers to either sell links on their own websites, or buy links on others’ websites. Selling links with TLA is a good way to make lots of money, easily: they do the selling, you just have to copy-paste the code onto your site and collect the revenue. Buying links gains traffic from other websites. Money can also be made by referring people to TLA; new sign-ups earn 25$ for the referrer. If you appreciated this tip, click on one of my referral buttons and go sign-up ;).

Newsletter and RSS provider Feedblitz

This free tool allows your readers to get the latest material from your website by email or RSS. RSS is the equivalent of having a newspaper whose articles all come from wire services, like Canadian Press. The point is that you subscribe to the RSS feeds, or wires, you want, and have a custom-made newspaper.

Blog roll provider BlogRolling
A little bit of code generated by blogrolling allows you to have an easily updated blogroll on your site. What makes the service really great is that the blogrolls auto-update, so you can see which sites on the roll have posted new material recently.

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MSN vs Google - Even MSN uses Google's products! (Mozilla is owned by Google)
We're #1 on Google!

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