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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Balkans Full of al-Qaeda; Was Daniel Pearl Targeted for Knowing Too Much?

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The Balkans are still teeming with al-Qaeda's terrorists. That's the main idea of an in-depth article out by Julia Gorin. It appears the KLA, or Kosovo Liberation Army, which the US, NATO, and UN supported against the Serbs in the 90s, was working with all sorts of terrorists. This continues today. Indeed, troops have recently found an application to al-Qaeda from a former KLA member, who notably recommends attacking Disney theme parks.

The article also notes that Daniel Pearl, a journalist most of us will remember as having been caught and beheaded in Pakistan, was investigating the links between the international jihadists and their suppliers and partners in the Bosnian Muslim populace. It made me wonder: was what the media framed as a random and unfortunate killing, actually a very specific, targeted operation aimed at killing a man who had learnt too much?

Overall, this article reinforced the problems inherent in our traditional media.
  • feed off each other,
  • ignore stories that are quite worthy of our attention (this may even be intentional covering-up), and
  • have power over policy that is essentially akin to brainwashing.

Note: I'm skeptical of the article's suggestions that the genocide was exaggerated, though it's quite possible it was going on against the Serbs too.

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