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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Announcing Mediocre Media

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In addition to hosting the Moderate Circus of Canadian Politics, Centrerion will now also be home to the (International) Mediocre Media carnival.

Posts to this carnival can discuss any media in the world. The posts should include topics such as media bias, poor reporting, ignorance, and all the "you goofed" type of stuff the editors of "letters to the editor" don't print. Other criticism of the media is welcome. The full political spectrum can submit their posts (Xenophobic material will be reported to authorities; don't waste your time). Related posts are accepted; use your judgement.

To submit, just email me. (or use the Carnival submission page) Include a permalink/link to the specific post, a trackback url if any, and a brief synopsis of your post (-50 words).

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