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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Leftist Hypocrisy on Religion

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The left in today's politics is entirely behind separation of Church and State, and decry every instance where their reunification is possible. Though this occasionally is exagerrated, as with the opposition to parallel teaching of intelligent design (there's no harm in teaching two parallel theories as to how we got here; scientists don't have exclusive rights to the truth), this is mainly a good idea.

HOWEVER, the left wants to introduce religious thinking as a basis for national policy, and that is totally unacceptable. What religious philosophy?
Allow me to quote Andrew Whittle, whose Tribes inspired this article.
" say we are responsible for the terrorists in the world is a way to say we can control this wolf. If we believe we made him, then that means we control him. We can unmake him. Such a worldview appeals to the left, because it gives them Godlike Mental Powers. All we have to do is act differently and he will go away."

Quit sinning, in other words, and the evil gods won't hurl lightning bolts (or bombs or planes) at you. That's a far more insidious form of religious penetration into affairs of State than anything up until now, because it hides itself behind the title of objective political analysis. The left needs to join the rest of us in the modern world and keep religion away from state policy (not to mention in the fight against terrorism).

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