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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

CTV's Laziness: Twin Stories

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CTV's goofed up, again. In the CTV's latest bumble, two apparently different stories on the media website had near identical content. The stories, concerning the Liberal leadership race, shared the following words (see my translations into everyman speak at the bottom):

"Godfrey, 63, said he will submit his official papers once the Liberal party declares the race open on April 7th.

"He is the second candidate to announce his intentions to run in the race. Toronto businesswoman and lawyer Martha Hall Findlay was the first to announce that she was entering the race in February.

"A senior strategist for Bob Rae said the former Ontario NDP premier is leaning toward running and will make his decision within the next few days, according to The Globe and Mail.

"Other possible contenders include Liberal MPs Scott Brison, Belinda Stronach, Ralph Goodale, and Michael Ignatieff.

"Ignatieff told Mike Duffy Live that he intends to make his decision within the next two weeks.

"'I'm talking to people, above all talking to my caucus, colleagues and friends, going across the country, listening, learning, figuring out what the party needs, whether I'm the guy," said Ignatieff.

"'I think we'll have an answer to those questions in the next ten days at the latest.'

"Speaking on CTV's Canada AM on Tuesday, MacIsaac he hopes to attend younger members to the party.

"'It's time for new members, time for new younger views, and that by coming out with saying that I want to run for leadership that at least people will hear about the party that I believe is going to make a large comeback in the very near future.'

"However, he admits even his mom and dad wonder if he's ready for politics.

"'And mom and dad, you know, you always say you can do what you want. And I was a good kid. When my dad told me to eat broccoli, I ate it.'

Ignatieff isn't figuring out if he's the guy. He wouldn't have entered politics if he didn't think he was. What he's figuring out is if he'll have sufficient national support to win. He seems serious and pretty self-confident to me if he's actually crossing the country, rather than making the minimal effort of a marginal candidate.
McIsaac: I'm a clueless musician who wants political influence. If Belinda can do it, so can I!
But will he eat his spinach?

UPDATE: Oh, I forgot to mention: The CTV offers a clip of Indian and Northern Affairs Minister Jim Prentice announcing a new plan for safe drinking water for our reserves, then shows a clip that cuts short just as he starts detailing what the plan consists of. Smart.

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