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Thursday, March 23, 2006

New Politics Club Members; Carnival Acknowledgements

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More politicians, analysts and other politics junkies have joined the Politics club in the past few days, as you may have noticed. Here's a summary of who they are, what they do, and why you ought to visit them.

Fellow moderates we are linking to and promoting are:
Mathieu Laberge - A fellow young Quebec moderate, this man writes for La Presse, Quebec's #1 French language daily. In French.
Charging RINO - a Republican who doesn't toe the party line. He is a co-founder, if I am not mistaken, of the influential Raging RINOs. A good source on the US center-right.
Staunch Moderate - Moderate politics, as seen through the eyes of a member of the media (no, they aren't all far-left pro-terrorist neo-communists who like adjec-tives). Pointed out some other non-liberal stuff in the media recently.
AbbaGav - An Israeli moderate with a heavy penchant for sarcastic humour and ironic top 10 lists.

Many Centrerion posts have also been included in recent carnivals of the blogging world.
Rightwingnuthouse hosts the Carnival of the Clueless, mocking fools on the left (I wonder how long till I can post about my material being up on a Carnival making fun of the right? Anyways...)
The 180somethingeth Bonfire of the Vanities is posted at Blogger Idol.
Neo's Nest Egg has posted the 14th Carnival of Investing.
The Conservative Cat's Carnival of the Funny is up.
The Carnival of Comedy is up at File it Under.

Similar posts on our associates:
Insane, Capitalist Investments - 3 political and financial roundups for the click of one.
Democracy Project and Antimedia - New collaborators of ours discussing freedoms and the media.


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