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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Quebec Separatists Dissed and Dissmissed by Time Magazine

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Quebec has been left off a list of places in the world with "separatist anxiety", in a recent filler piece by Time Magazine. Relatively tiny (population-wise) groups in Bermuda, New Caledonia (where is New Caledonia?) got mentioned ahead of the [Wood] Bloc and the PQ.

I say Time is right on the money. Consider some of the factors in Quebec separatism.

The federalist Conservatives, the party in power in Canada's federal goverment, are popular in Quebec. The Conservative Party of Canada is thus likely to win more of the Bloc's supporters over the next time $300 million is spent on a nation-wide poll. Indeed, a recent poll commissioned by French newspaper La Presse found the CPC polling neck and neck with the Bloc, which currently holds the vast majority of Quebec's seats.

The Parti Quebecois is beholden to a far-left fringe that is going nowhere in Quebec's 2008 elections. Andre "The Cocaine Was Just A Youthful Mistake" Boisclair has recently suggested that the provincial government cut funding to private schools that have admissions requirements based on - gasp - achievement and religion.

This, after recently saying that the PQ would only reveal its platform after gaining independance. Boisclair's a clever chap, but this reversal is possible his finest strategic move yet, being a subtle move to confuse everyone so that if/when another referendum is held, everyone will vote yes to the very clear question: Do you not not want Quebec to not have separation with association but without economic partnership, perhaps but not necessarily in the not so distant immediate future? Like I said, Boisclair's a smart fellow (which is why he's not going to be influenced by the money and ethnic vote).

This statement on cutting private school funding reinforces, of course, the image the PQ is trying to give itself of a very open and tolerant political party. Hey, at least French Canadian nationalists have stopped giving the Nazi salute in huge sports stadiums, right? And there's no taboo on hiring historians rightfully denouncing this racist past, right?

Well, that's all got this private-school educated 'ethnic' willing to vote Yes, and convinced that his fellow Quebeckers are all raring to do the same. The federalists are popular, the provincial separatists are lead by a confusing buffoon and the PQ is continuing its "tradition" of openness and tolerance.

But enough digressions, let us get to the point. Bravo, Time!

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